Officials successfully lower car dangling off parking garage ledge at Congress, 6th Street

A car went over the ledge and was dangling at a parking lot near the intersection of Sixth Street and Congress Avenue. Photo: Austin Fire Department.

6 p.m. update: Crews have lowered a car that was dangling from an Austin parking garage at Congress Avenue and Sixth Street.

“The fact that the gentleman lived after driving off the ninth floor is a miracle,” said Austin Fire Division Chief Palmer Buck.

PHOTOS: Car dangles from side of parking garage

Austin firefighters used ropes and pulleys to lower the car about 6 inches at a time, Buck said.

“It couldn’t have gone any better,” he said.

Karl Schmidt, a bicycle messenger, was biking down the alley as the car crashed through.

WATCH: Bystander describes seeing car drive off side of garage

“Glass and metal was falling from the sky, so I hit the brakes,” Schmidt said. “Then I heard him give this blood-curdling scream. I said, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s somebody in there.’ I looked, and I could see his arms were flailing.”

WATCH: Man exits car dangling from garage

3: 50 p.m. update: Crews will try to lower a car that is dangling from an elevated garage downtown using ropes and pulleys, Austin fire officials said Friday afternoon.

Crews responded about 2:37 p.m. to the Littlefield Parking Garage at Congress Avenue and Sixth Street after a 24-year-old man drove his 2004 Toyota 4Runner over the ledge. The man was pulling into a parking space on the ninth floor and tried to stop, but the car continued moving forward and flipped over, officials said.

One of the garage’s safety wires wrapped around one of the vehicle’s wheel and kept it from falling to the ground, fire officials said. The driver, who was wearing a seat belt, was able to exit the vehicle safely with the help of bystanders and was not injured, officials said. The car is still running.

Crews said it will be about an hour before they are able to bring the car down.

WATCH: Facebook Live from the scene of car dangling from downtown parking garage

Earlier: A car is dangling off a ledge of an elevated parking garage over an alley at Congress Avenue and Sixth Street, Austin police said.

Someone partially drove their car off the ledge, but was able to get to safety, police said. Officials are now working to get the car off the ledge and making sure no one walks underneath it.

Police got the call around 2:40 p.m.

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